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Welcome to the 2015 Season

Welcome to the 2015 San Mateo AYSO soccer season. Our program is open to all boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18 years. By registering in our league you have joined the largest youth sports organization in the City of San Mateo and one of the largest soccer organizations on the peninsula. Last year over 2,000 kids played on over 160 teams every Saturday on fields located throughout San Mateo. This year we expect about the same number of players!

AYSO is an organization that is run solely by volunteers. There are no paid positions in our AYSO organization; all of the volunteers give their time for free. We need coaches, assistant coaches, referees, administrators, picture day helpers, registration helpers and field liners just to mention a few jobs. We thank all of our volunteers for their efforts no matter how big or small they think their job is. Every job is important and any time that you can give to the league as a volunteer will be greatly appreciated.

AYSO is a program developed and designed for kids of all abilities. AYSO is one of the only youth sports organizations that have a culture and a set of philosophies.  The six philosophies, Player Development, Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching and Good Sportsmanship are the foundation tenets of the organization.  These philosophies provide the basis for all kids to learn to play soccer in a safe, fun and fair environment. In San Mateo we try to extend that safe, fun and fair environment to all of our participants including parents and spectators. Everyone is part of the team.

We believe that all players should be able to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team, in order to maximize their enjoyment of the game. Over the past several seasons we have aligned our region with the National AYSO guidelines in that the programs we offer our youngest participants are simplified, short-sided games for our lower divisions (U6, U8, U10 and U12).  Details of our lower division guidelines can be found under “Information for Younger Players – U6, U8, U10 & U12”.  In addition, this year we are pleased to continue the U5/Jamboree program for 4 year old players and the Playtime Adventure program for 3 year old players.  These programs are designed to introduce the game of soccer to our youngest participants in a very fun and active manner.  In San Mateo all players who arrive to games on time are guaranteed to play, either 1/2 or 3/4 of the game depending on the age division.  (See “The Game:  Play Requirements” for details.)

We would ask all of you to remember that all of our fields are “Kids Zones”, a safe place for all of our kids to enjoy the sport of soccer and that all of you respect the places that the kids play and to do your part in keeping our “Kids Zones” safe.

San Mateo AYSO Regional Board

AYSO Region 36 Mission Statement

To improve the quality of the soccer program being provided to children residing in the Region 36 area developing in them an appreciation and love for the sport of soccer, and instilling in them an understanding and respect for teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play.

This will be achieved through:

·       Enhanced and expanded Coach training

·       Expanded Referee training and recruitment

·       Controlling program size

·       Actively recruiting volunteers

·       Balanced teams

·       Recreational play in the lower divisions

·       Competitive play in the upper divisions

Recognizing and rewarding teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.

The 2015 Objectives:

Our region’s goals this year are:

1.   To continue the on-going education of all of our coaching and to promote a “positive coaching environment”.

2.   To turn all of our playing fields, both practice and game, into “Kids Zones”. A place that is reserved for participants who want a safe and positive environment for the kids. Anyone who chooses to not participate in this program will be asked to leave the “Kids Zone”.

3.   To continue to recruit new volunteers to help bring in new energy and new ideas into our organization.

4.   For Lower Divisions (U6, U8, U10 and U12), focus on simplified rules and short-sided play to improve the teaching of basic skills and to introduce the basic rules of soccer to new players.

5.   To address the increasing concerns about the potential risks associated with concussions through training of our volunteers.

6.   To offer a U5/Jamboree program for players age of 4 and a Playtime Adventure program for our youngest participates age of 3.

7.   Lastly to maintain all of the positive aspects of our program which are already in place.

  Honoring the Game (ROOTT)

Rules:            Follow the Letter and Spirit (how the game should be played)

Opponents:    Remember a worthy opponent brings out the best in our team

Officials:        Respect them even when you disagree

Teammates:   Remember your commitment on and off of the field

Tradition:       Remember it’s a privilege to participate

What you can do! (A bit of advice)

Before the game:

·       Tell your child that you are proud of him/her regardless of how well they play

·       Honor the game no matter what others may do

During the Game:

·       Cheer good plays by both teams

·       Mention good calls by the officials to others

·       Encourage others to honor the game

·       Remember to have fun! Enjoy the day

After the Game:

·       Thank the officials for doing a difficult job

·       Thank the coaches for their effort

·       Ask your child open-ended questions:

o   “What was the most enjoyable part of the game for you?”  “The least enjoyable?”

o   “Do you feel that you gave your best effort?”

o   “How did you learn from any mistakes that you might have made?”

o   “What did you learn from the game?”

·       Tell your child that you are proud of him/her!

What if:

·       You think the officials made a “bad” call against your team?  (HONOR THE GAME - BE SILENT)

·       Another spectator on your team begins to berate an official? (Remind them that they are in a Kids Zone and they need to act appropriately and honor the game)

·       You observed behavior you consider to be extremely poor sportsmanship, dishonoring the AYSO philosophy, and or a threat to anyone's safety (File a Kidzone report through the San Mateo AYSO website (, within 24 hours of the occurrence)


Open Registration days are held in April or May each year.  The fee for 2015 is $90 per player.  Financial assistance is limited and only available at the walk-in Open Registration.

Post walk-in registration is only conducted on a mail-in/drop off basis only.  For information on how to register a player after our last regular walk-in registration date visit our website (  All post walk-in registration players will be placed on a wait list, and will be placed on teams on a space available basis only. Post walk-in registration fee is $130 per player.

Early Volunteer registration begins in February and ends in March.  This registration is for Coaches, Referees, Field Liners and Board Members who have committed to attend training sessions and fulfilling their volunteer duties.  All early registered volunteers who complete their required training are allowed to register their children through an early registration process.

Any NSF checks that we deposit will automatically incur a $30 NSF fee.

Refund Policy

Please give special consideration to your child’s potential school workload and other extra-curricular activities before signing them up to play AYSO soccer. 

A refund of the registration fee may be requested.  Refund requests must be in writing and sent to our P.O Box 5316 San Mateo, 94402. Please visit our website ( to print a Refund Request Form.  Refunds are available if a player has not practiced with the team and the uniform (if issued) has been returned to the coach.  Refund amounts are based on the date the player withdraw request was received:

Withdrawal Date:

Before 08/01

08/1 – 08/15
(with return of unused uniform)

After 8/15




No refund

The AYSO Team

Each team has a coach, assistant coach, and team parent who are responsible for their team.  The assistant coach assists the coach at practices and fills-in when the coach is unable to make games or practices.  The team parent assists the coach by distributing information on snack schedules, photo times, banners, end-of-year party, and any other duty not specifically coach-related.  Divisions U6 and U8 are required to have two trained team referees per team.   Divisions U10 and U12 are required to have at least one trained Assistant Referees per team.

All teams are encouraged to have a sponsor.  Sponsors may elect to sponsor at the $250, $350, $500 or $1000/team level and we encourage multiple sponsors for each team. Sponsors are recognized on the team banner and in regional publications and on our website.  Sponsor fees help keep the cost of the program down.  Sponsorship information is available from your coach or from the web at  If a team cannot find a sponsor, then the sponsorship fee should be spread across the parents.

Child Protection Training

The City of San Mateo requires that any volunteer who works with or supervises children be subject to a criminal background check and receive Child Protection Training.  This includes non-profit organizations like AYSO.  In addition, AYSO requires this training.  Therefore, all coaches and referees in San Mateo AYSO must be registered with AYSO as a volunteer prior to each season, as well as complete and pass the AYSO Safe Haven Certification modules every 2 years, before they will be issued a team or scheduled to referee a game. There are NO EXCEPTIONS since this is required by The City of San Mateo. The AYSO volunteer form must be completed annually. 

Safe Haven certification may only be taken online from the National AYSO website at


In response to increasing concerns about the potential risks associated with concussions and to these new state laws, the AYSO National Board of Directors launched a Concussion Task Force to develop recommendations for AYSO Regions and families. In San Mateo, the following minimum actions are recommended:

·         Use of the AYSO/CDC Concussion Information Sheet to inform all parents and players about the signs and symptoms of concussion and the associated risks. Find the Information Sheet at:

·         ALL coaches, referees and Region Board Members are strongly encouraged to take the CDC’s free online Concussion Awareness Training at

·         Any player who, in the opinion of the referee, coach, or parent, shows any symptom of a concussion may be removed from play for at least the remainder of the day, and

·         Parents are encouraged to seek professional medical treatment for the player at the time of injury and secure medical clearance before allowing the player to return to play, and

·         In all cases the parent may sign a new Participation Release Form which includes a concussion waiver confirming that the player has been given the appropriate clearance before the player is permitted to return to practice or play.

Potential Activity Conflicts

With approximately 2000 children playing soccer on over 160 teams, it is impossible to rearrange teams or practice and game schedules because of non-AYSO activities.  Most games are played on Saturdays, although some games may be played on other days of the week, as needed.  Practices can be any day of the week but are typically Monday through Friday, and are at the convenience of the coach.

Players are excused for any conflicts as long as they notify their coach prior to their game or practice.

Team Assignments

The Division Coordinator determines team assignments.  Assignments are primarily based upon age, skill level and experience, maintaining the Balanced Teams philosophy of AYSO.  The coach is entitled to keep his or her child on his or her team.  Additionally, requests for brothers or sisters within the same division to play on the same team will be honored.  It is intended through the team balancing to give each team an equal opportunity to complete and be successful within the divisional play.

Division placement in San Mateo is based on a child’s age as of August 1st of the current season.  Players are not allowed to play up or down without the Regional Commissioner’s approval.  The minimum age in San Mateo AYSO is 3.





Eligible Birth Dates



8-1-1996 thru 7-31-1999



8-1-1999 thru 7-31-2001



8-1-2001 thru 7-31-2003



8-1-2003 thru 7-31-2005



8-1-2005 thru 7-31-2007



8-1-2007 thru 7-31-2009



8-1-2009 thru 7-31-2010



8-1-2010 thru 7-31-2011

Playtime Adventure


8-1-2011 thru 7-31-2012


Divisions U5/Jamboree – U8 are entirely instructional in format, with emphasis on teaching proper ball handling (kicks, passes, etc.).  With skills developed at an early age, strategy can be emphasized, as the players grow older.  No league standings are kept.  Division U10 is largely instructional in format, with league standings based entirely on the last five games of the season.

Playtime Adventure – Created by experts in child development, Playtime Adventure combines physical learning with fun and imagination.

A Word for Parents

It cannot be overemphasized that the AYSO program is for the players.  The emphasis is placed on the organization’s objectives and on good sportsmanship by exhibiting the qualities of fairness and self-control, and by having a good time.  Parents and officials are role models for children; thus overzealous behavior is totally inappropriate. 

While participation in a competitive situation is an important aspect of the game, it should not be confused with a “win-at-all-costs” attitude.  The soccer promoted by AYSO is a balance of fun, development, and competition.

All of this can and often does set the stage for some spectator situations that are not consistent with what AYSO is trying to do for our boys and girls.  We, as parents, spectators, coaches, and referees have a responsibility to keep our all-volunteer soccer program fun for all.  Take a few moments to consider the following guidelines:

Parent / Guardian Responsibilities

1.   To positively encourage your child and be supportive of his or her best efforts.

2.   To assist the volunteers who bring the AYSO program to your child and be supportive of their efforts.

3.   To assist your son or daughter in arriving at practices and games on time, and notify the coach or team parent when your child will not be able to attend the practice or game.

4.   To arrange for your child’s safe journey home after practices and games, and to remember that AYSO is not a baby-sitting service.

5.   To be supportive of the AYSO community’s fundraising efforts and participate in some measurable way.

6.   To assist your child’s coach by providing game refreshments when needed, and by participating in any team activities or meetings where parent help is needed.

7.   Promote Good Sportsmanship, Fair Play and Fun for all AYSO players and their families through your conduct at practices and games.  Support game officials and AYSO volunteers. Demonstrate a positive attitude.



Parent Meetings

After teams are assigned, each coach will hold a parent meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is for parents to meet the coach, discuss the practice and game schedules, AYSO philosophies and parent guidelines, and for the coach to answer any questions the parents might have.  This meeting is usually where a team parent is selected.

Parent Participation

It is expected that each parent who has a participant in the program shall volunteer his or her services in some way.  San Mateo AYSO is a rewarding experience for players and their parents alike.  Get involved -- we need your help -- and you’ll be glad you did!  For those parents who desire more information on becoming involved, contact any of the board members list in the back of this booklet.

A Word for Players

Player Attendance & Participation

San Mateo AYSO is played according to the 1/2 and 3/4 rules*. 
Every player is assured of consistent playing time, with time as a substitute being equally distributed among all players. 

* U6, U8, U10 & U12 players – see “Information for Younger Players”.
 *U16 & U19 players – see “Information for Older Players”.

Each player is strongly urged to attend every practice and game.

Late arriving players: Players who arrive after the game starts, or who are not ready to play at the start of the game are not assured maximum playing time.  See "The Game: Play Requirements" for details.

San Mateo plays what is known as short-sided games, where the team size is reduced, in the younger divisions.  Additional information on team size and playing time is found in the section titled “The Game”.

Standards of Conduct & Discipline

Most girls and boys registered to play soccer with AYSO are enthusiastic, motivated and sincerely interested in having a good time.  Most of our AYSO families support our program and its volunteers by getting players to practices and games on time and properly equipped.  It does occasionally happen that a player experiences difficulty in adjusting to team play or in getting along with teammates, or that a family is not willing to help a player get to practices and/or games.  These problems are rare but have a way of upsetting entire teams, even divisions, and must be addressed before the enjoyment of the majority of players and families is jeopardized.

Information for Youngest Players – Playtime Adventure (3 year olds) and U5/Jamboree (4 year olds)

Playtime Adventure – This is an activity program that will help improve physical motor-skills, providing a foundation for an active lifestyle for 3 years old and their parents.  Using the unique Playtime Activity Storybook, parents can continue their child’s development at home, re-enacting all their favorite adventures over and over again.  This is a 6-week program that is offered by UK International Soccer.  To sign up, please visit our website at


U5/Jamboree - This is an innovative 8-week AYSO Soccer Learning Experience for players who are 4 years old and their parents.

The purpose of the U5/Jamboree program is to provide our youngest players and their parents with a “pressure free” introduction to the beautiful and simple game of soccer.

Players and parents are paired up for a 75-minute session of skills, drills and fun, taught by a qualified AYSO Master Coach. These sessions will prepare the players for short-sided game (3v3) during the last three sessions. Parents will help “referee” the games and provide positive support and encouragement.





Information for Younger Players – U6, U8, U10 & U12

Guidelines for lower division play:







Smaller Size (30x15).

Simplified Field Markings.

Cones for goals.
(See Figure 1)

Smaller Size (50x25).

Simplified Field Markings.

Smaller goals.
(See Figure 2)

Slightly Smaller Size (65x40).

Same Size (50x100)

Game Play

4 v 4. No Goalkeeper

6 v 6. No Goalkeeper

7 v 7 with Goalkeeper

9 v 9 with Goalkeeper

Playing Time

1/2 play rule*

3/4 play rule

3/4 play rule

3/4 play rule

Length of Game

40 minutes.

(20 minute halves, with Quarter substitution @
10 minutes)

40 minutes.

(20 minute halves, with Quarter substitution @
10 minutes)

50 minutes.

(25 minute halves, with Quarter substitution @
12.5 minutes)

60 minutes.

(30 minute halves, with Quarter substitution @
15 minutes)

Team Size

Max. 8 players/team

Max. 7 players/team

Max. 9 players/team

Max. 12 players/team


* All players who show up on time will play at least half the game, but coaches will be required to follow the “3/4 play” rule for every player, before allowing any team members to play the entire game.


Figure 1 – U6 Field Markings                  Figure 2 – U8 Field Markings













Information for Older Players – U14, U16 & U19

Players who are between 12 and 13 years of age are assigned to San Mateo’s U14 teams. 

Players who are between 14 and 19 years of age are assigned to San Mateo’s U16 and U19 teams.  The U16 & U19 program is run by AYSO Area 2N (which includes teams in Central and Southern San Mateo County).  Additional information on the AYSO Area program may be obtained from your coach or on the web from the Area Website at

The Game

The referees scheduled for the game are completely in charge from the moment they enter the field of play.

Most coaches request that players meet at a given time prior to the start of the game so that they can complete the line-up details.  Please help your coach by making sure that your players are not late.

Practice & Season Play

Team practices will be held once or twice a week on weekdays or weekends at schools and parks in San Mateo.  It is important that players attend practices, as this is where game skills and strategy are taught as well as making friends with their teammates.  Coaches must be notified in advance if it is necessary for a player to miss practice or games. 

Parents are required to assure that arrangements have been made for players to get home safely after practices and games.  This is not the coach’s responsibility.

Length of the Games

Soccer is played in two halves of equal lengths.  The referee will pause the game at approximately the middle of each half (each quarter).   Substitutions may be made at the half and at each quarter.  Since the referee does not “stop the clock” at the quarter substitutions, coaches and players are encouraged to perform the substitutions as efficiently as possible.

Division                     U6      U8    U10   U12   U14   U16   U19

Length of Game                   40      40      50      60      70      80      90

Play Requirements

AYSO San Mateo is committed to giving all players an opportunity to play equally and enjoy soccer.  Each player is guaranteed of minimum playing time in a game.  This rule is strictly enforced. Playing time guidelines are determined by age:

·         1/2 of the game in the U6 division

·         3/4 of the game in the U8 thru U14 divisions

·         1/2 of the game in the U16 and 19 divisions

For U10-U14, the goalkeeper is counted as a player and the 3/4 rule applies to him/her. 

For U10-U14, coaches who do not follow the 3/4 play rule are penalized and receive zero sportsmanship points for the game where the violation occurred. 

Late arriving players are entitled to play at least one half a game (two quarters) if they arrive after the game starts but before the first substitution (arriving within the first quarter), and at least one quarter if they arrive within the second quarter.  Coaches are not required to play players who arrive in the second half of the game.

Team Size

Adult soccer is played with 11 players on the field for each team.  San Mateo plays what is known as short-sided games where the team size is reduced in the younger divisions. 

Short-sided play allows each player more time to get his or her foot on the ball during the game. 

For division U10 a minimum of five players per team are required in order to play an official game and for divisions U12 and above, a minimum of 7 players are required in order to play an official game.  Sportsmanship points are awarded for all games.  No team will play short (fewer than the allotted number of players) if players are available on the sidelines.

There are no goalkeepers in the U6 & U8 Divisions.  In U10, players are limited to no more than ¼ game as goalkeeper. In U12, players are limited to no more than ½ game as goalkeeper.


Divisions U6 and U8 are non-competitive and instructional in format and are played without standings.

Division U10 is largely a non-competitive division.  Only the points from the last five regularly scheduled games are used in establishing tournament qualifications.   Please note that the Sportsmanship program is completely separate from division standings, and the sportsmanship points from all 10 games are used in establishing eligibility for post-season tournament play.

Divisions U12 and older are competitive divisions.  Points from all scheduled games are used in developing league standings and tournament qualification.

In Divisions U10, U12, and U14 points will be awarded for regular season play as follows:

·       3 points for a Win

·       1 point for a Tie

For Divisions U10 and U12, bonus points (up to 3 points) will be awarded to a team for Team Referee service, as described in the Team Referee Program section below. 

Standings are calculated weekly and posted to the Region’s web site

Tournament Qualification

The planned post season tournament in the U10 to U14 Divisions will be played as weather and field conditions permit.  If the San Mateo Regional tournament cannot be played in its entirely, then the top ranked team based on regular season play, will be selected to participate in the Area tournament. Tournament game day decisions regarding playability of fields due to weather or other circumstances will be considered final and not subject to dispute. Final decisions may be made by the Regional Commissioner, Regional Coach Administrator, or Regional Referee Administrator. Decisions made by Division Coordinators or game referees will be confirmed by one of the three volunteers listed above.

The top teams (16 teams in U10, 8 teams in U12, and all teams in U14) in regular season standings, each having 32 or more total Sportsmanship Points, no more than 1 game in which “0” Sportsmanship Points were awarded, and submitted all required San Mateo AYSO season reporting information will be invited to participate in the Division tournament.

In the event a tie occurs in the cumulative standings points used for tournament qualification, the following tiebreaker criteria will be applied (in rank order):

·       Sportsmanship Points.

·       Winner of a head-to-head game.

·       Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed) up to a maximum of 3 per game.

·       Fewest goals allowed.

·       Most goals scored up to a maximum of 3 per game.

·       If all else fails, a coin toss.

Tournament rules will be published and distributed to coaches of qualifying teams prior to the tournament.  The regional board may need to alter the size or the format of the tournament based on the number of qualifying teams or other factors.

Game Protests


2.   Referee judgment calls are final and are not grounds for protest.

3.   Protests  must be submitted in writing within 24 hours after the end of the game to:  Regional Commissioner, P.O. Box 5316, San Mateo, CA  94402

4.   Referees have an obligation to file a written report of any abusive language used by coaches, players, or spectators, or for conduct, which interfered with the game.


In San Mateo, it is hoped that the rewards of fair play, good competition and positive volunteer-player interaction will be the primary reward.  Special recognition is given to the 1st and 2nd Place teams from the regular season in Division U12 & U14.  Awards will be presented to the 1st and 2nd Place tournament winners in Division U10, U12 & U14.

Participation trophies will be presented to all Division U6, U8 & U10 players by the league.

Game Cancellations

While soccer worldwide is generally played rain or shine, AYSO in San Mateo had made certain commitments to the various institutions that provide our playing fields.  Early in the season, it is possible to play soon after a rain because the soil can quickly absorb the water.  But as we get into the rainy season, most San Mateo fields become very soft and are easily damaged.  Coaches are encouraged to check out website ( for field status reports.  It is the responsibility of the coach to contact his or her team when a field rainout occurs.

Because of the many considerations involved, we ask that players plan to be at scheduled games unless notified by their coaches or team parents that they have been canceled.  We realize that this is inconvenient, but conditions change from week to week, and are different from field to field.  Contact your coach for the current week’s situation.

On the field, the only persons authorized to cancel a game are the referees scheduled for that game or a Regional Board Member.

Uniforms and Equipment

Proper dress for scheduled games

1.   Each player must be dressed in --

a.   Issued jersey tucked into shorts.

b.   Issued shorts.

c.   Issued socks pulled up.

d.   Shin guards, which must be worn under the socks.

e.   Soccer shoes with plastic or molded rubber cleats are recommended.  Screw-in cleats, if used, must be in good condition, and the stud must be a part of the cleat, rather than the shoe. Baseball or softball cleats (shoes with a “toe cleat”) cannot be worn.

2.   Only Region 36 approved emblems, patches, or awards may be added or attached to the uniforms.

3.   No other clothing, such as shirts and pants, may be worn over the uniform while a player is participating in a game.  Players may not wear hats, caps, bandannas, hooded sweatshirts, or any other head covering.

4.   Compression pants may be worn under the issued shorts as long as they don’t extend beyond the hemline of the shorts and are similar in color.  Compression shirts are allowed, but must white or similar in color.  Players will NOT be allowed to play unless properly dressed.

5.   Goalkeepers may wear gloves and soft knee or elbow pads.  They may also wear warm-up pants when the weather is cold or when the goal area is not covered in grass and soft hats or caps when facing the sun.

6.   Players with prescription glasses or hearing aids may wear them during a match.  See note below.

7.   Med-Alert bracelets and necklaces are allowed.  See note below.

8.   No bracelets (metal or plastic), wristwatches, barrettes, earrings or any other such object, including casts or splints, which could possibly cause injury to him/herself or another player may be worn.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

9.   Long hair should be tied back (a soft headband is allowed).

10. Coaches will have some practice balls and game balls, but it is recommended that each player have his or her own ball to use for practice.  Divisions U14 - U19 use a Size 5 ball; Divisions U10 - U12 use a Size 4 ball; and Divisions U6 – U8 use a Size 3 ball. 

11. Players are not allowed to chew gum or eat while participating in games or practices.

12. All Teams must have a First Aid Kit at all games and practices.

13. Coaches must have player medical release forms with them at all games and practices.

Glasses, Hearing Aids, and Med-Alerts

Players who require prescription glasses are allowed to wear them during a match. Retaining straps for the glasses are allowed.  Sports glasses, while not required, are an excellent option for the active child since they attach securely to the head and do not damage easily.

Players who require hearing aids are encouraged to wear them. 

Med-Alerts (bracelets, jewelry, or necklaces with emergency medical information) contain important medical information about the player. 

The player may elect to follow either of the following recommendations, subject to the final approval of the referee:

·       Med-Alert bracelets should not be removed, but are padded and taped to the player's skin; or

·       Med-Alert bracelets are covered with a cloth wristband or something equivalent which does not involve taping the bracelet to the child's skin as this can be very painful to the child when removed.

Sportsmanship Program

The purpose of the Sportsmanship program is to build character through soccer.  The principles of safety, fair play, and enjoyment are the key points of the program.  The key idea is RESPECT - respect for the participants, officials, coaches, spectators and for the game.

San Mateo AYSO uses a sportsmanship program designed to promote positive sportsmanship in the U10, U12 and U14 Divisions through the consistent, objective awarding of sportsmanship points by referees during regular season and tournament play.

Program Objectives

The Sportsmanship Program utilizes a points rating system to reward and reinforce positive behavior during games. Points are awarded by game officials, Division Coordinators, and/or League Commissioners.

Point System

The point system to be used is based on a four-point scale (0-3) in which both positive and negative sportsmanship by players and adults (i.e., coaches and spectators) is recognized through the addition or subtraction of sportsmanship points.  Sportsmanship points will be awarded separately to players and adults as follows:

§  Exceptional = 3

§  Expected = 2                                                                              

§  Below average = 1

§  Unacceptable = 0

Application of Points

Sportsmanship points will be used as qualification criteria for post-season tournament play:

§  A team must earn a minimum of 32 points (80%) during the 10 regular-season games to be eligible for post-season tournament play.

§  The award of two or more "0" sportsmanship points during regular season games disqualifies a team for post-season tournament play.  All “0” awards will be reviewed by the responsible referee, Division Coordinator, League Commissioner and the Regional Referee Administrator.

§  The sportsmanship point system will be applied in San Mateo Regional tournaments.  Any team with a “0” sportsmanship points in a regional tournament game will be disqualified from Area/Section tournament participation.

Sportsmanship points will be reported weekly on the AYSO Web site.

Point Deductions: Back of scorecard must be completed and a Kids Zone Feedback report will be filed by the referee.  The appropriate Division Coordinator will initiate an investigation for every game where a below average (1) or unacceptable (0) sportsmanship is identified.  Following the investigation, the Division Coordinator has the latitude to adjust all Sportsmanship Points. 

Kid Zone Feedback

The Kid Zone Feedback allows parents, spectators and referees to provide feedback to the San Mateo region describing any game problems or incidents of misconduct. This report is automatically sent to the Regional Commissioner.

Players, Parents and Spectators are encouraged to use Kids Zone Feedback to:

  1. Make any comment (positive or negative) about their AYSO soccer experience, or
  2. Note or report any inappropriate behavior during (or before or after) the game.

Referees are required to use Kids Zone Feedback to report:

  1. Any sportsmanship point deductions for the game.
  2. Where a Player's sportsmanship conduct fails to meet the AYSO goals and objectives.
  3. Where a player has been Sent-off (red card infractions of the laws of the game).
  4. Any inappropriate behavior during (or before or after) the game
  5. If a game is suspended for any reason.
  6. For any field problem (field conditions, sprinklers, goal net, etc.).
  7. Or for any other reason, that in the opinion of the referee, may warrant reporting.

Referees must file a report within 24 hours of the game.

Upon review of the Kid Zone Feedback Report the Regional Commissioner may proceed with one of the three hearing processes:

Level 1 Verbal Counseling:

Division coordinator will contact the head coach and discuss the incident in person or by phone.

Level 2 Formal Warning:

All division coordinators for age bracket meet with Head Coach and Assistant Coach for additional fact finding.  Written recap with any recommendations from Division Coordinator to coaches involved will follow no later than one day prior to next game.

Level 3 Regional Hearing: 

Parties will meet with the Sportsmanship Committee for questions and answers.  The Sportsmanship Committee will make a recommendation and forward it to the Regional Commissioner.  The recommendation can range from verbal counseling to termination.  The Regional Commissioner will either approve or modify the recommendation.

1/2 & 3/4 Play Rule

AYSO San Mateo is committed to giving all players an opportunity to play equally and enjoy soccer.  In San Mateo AYSO, for Division U6, Coaches are required to play all players at least half the game and will follow the “3/4 play” rule for every player, before allowing any player to play the entire game.  For U8 through U14, Coaches are required to play all players 3/4 of the game.  To support the Coaches, Division Coordinators will not establish teams with more players than the number that allows 3/4 play for all for U8 through U14.  Coaches who do not follow the 3/4 play rule, will be penalized through the deduction of Sportsmanship points.  Zero Sportsmanship points will be awarded for the game where the violation occurred.

Controlling Point Spread

Excessive game point spreads are strongly discouraged and run against the spirit of the AYSO philosophy.  Therefore, a game differential score of 6 or more goals (e.g., 7-1) is reviewed by the division coordinator who may, after investigation, deduct Sportsmanship Points (or talk to the coach in the lower divisions).


To prevent excessive point spreads, it is strongly encouraged that action be taken immediately upon exceeding a spread of 3-points.  Ideas include pulling back your strongest players into the defensive positions.  This can easily be done at any stoppage of play - you don't need to wait for an official substitution to move players into differing positions on the field. In addition, try tightening up your scoring criteria.  Be creative!  Here you might try limiting goal scoring to only those players who've not yet scored in the game or season, request shots only with the left foot, or possibly requiring that the ball be passed a given number of times before a shot on goal is allowed.  Again, be creative.

The regional boards reserves the right change or modify the sportsmanship program.

Game Conduct

By our participation in the AYSO program, we have committed ourselves to its goals and objectives, which include a responsibility to promote Good Sportsmanship and Fair Play.  Therefore, players whose conduct is not consistent with the ideals of Good Sportsmanship and Fair Play may either be cautioned (yellow card) or ejected (red card) at the discretion of the referee.  If a spectator is unable to refrain from making derogatory remarks to any player, coach, or referee, or from using foul or abusive language, the referee may suspend the game until that spectator leaves the field.  If an unruly player, coach, or spectator refuses to leave the field when asked, then the referee may terminate the game.

Soccer Conduct

1.   All eligible players present at the start of the game, and in proper uniform, will play at least 2 quarters (U6) and 3 quarters (U8 – U14) of every game. 

2.   Cheer positively for the things you like and encourage your team.  Have fun!

3.   Never put down the other team or one of your child’s teammates.

4.   The size of a soccer field and the continuous nature of the game seriously diminish the effectiveness of sideline coaching.  Leave the coaching to the coach.

5.   Coaching is limited to 10 yards from the centerline.  (This includes spectators)

6.   Every year we have a lot of new referees and coaches.  Each is volunteering his or her time to do a difficult job and mistakes will occur.  Harassing referees or coaches is unwarranted and will not be tolerated. 

7.   The referees, like all AYSO officials, are volunteers.  While their decisions may not always be agreeable to all, their decisions are final.  No useful purpose is served by shouting derogatory remarks.  Such action could be cause for termination of the game.  The referee can caution players (displaying a yellow card), eject players (displaying a red card), caution the coach (verbal warnings), or ask him or her to leave the field.

8.   Entry to the field of play is by permission of the referee only.

9.   All Coaches are required to stand at least one yard from the touchline and spectators three yards.  Coaches and referees are asked to enforce this simple rule.


11. Sliced oranges, the usual half-time refreshment, do come with peels.  Other treats sometimes brought come in paper wrappers or containers.   Please help keep the fields neat and clean by disposing of the peels and all other trash properly.  The City and Schools provide use of the fields at a very reasonable cost.  Let’s support them also by cleaning up after ourselves.

12. Everyone is asked to park properly.  Improperly parked cars can cost us field use privileges

13. Bicycles may not be parked within 10 yards of a playing field.

14. AYSO discourages the running up of scores. Any game score with a goal differential of 6 or more (e.g., 7-1) is reviewed by the division coordinator who may, after investigation, deduct Sportsmanship Points (or talk to the coach in the lower divisions).

15. Baseball dugouts, backstops and infields are not to be damaged.  Kicking soccer balls, climbing, and bike-riding in these areas are prohibited.

16. Climbing on soccer goals and nets is dangerous and is prohibited.

17. Referees may not coach while acting as a referee.  Referees must cover their referee uniform when they are coaching.


19. AYSO prohibits smoking of any kind while on or around the playing fields including electronic cigarettes.

20. Any player bleeding, or with blood on their uniform must leave the field until bleeding has been stopped and cleaned up.

Player Suspension / Expulsion

If a player is ejected from the game (red card), he/she will automatically be suspended from the next game.  (This includes post-season and tournament play.)  A second ejection (second red card) can result in expulsion for the remainder of the season.  Any expulsions will be reviewed by the Sportsmanship Committee.  Players will not be allowed to attend practices or games during their suspension.

Cautions (yellow card) are cause for the Sportsmanship Committee to meet with the player and parent/guardian to discuss ways of avoiding future cautions.  Two yellow cards in any one game constitute a red card and the player will be ejected from the game, will be suspended from the next game and meet with the Sportsmanship Committee.  Any player with three cautions given for the season will be suspended for the game following receipt of the third yellow card and will meet with the Sportsmanship Committee.  This includes post-season and tournament play.

Once a team receives 4 cards (red or yellow), the head coach will need to come before the Sportsmanship Committee.


Coaching Program

It is mandatory that all coaches become certified and licensed in order to coach in the AYSO program.  We have developed a series of clinics to train coaches that will fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

Coach training programs are division specific.  Every coach is required to have taken the coaching clinic designed for the division (i.e., age appropriate training) he/she is currently coaching.  Additionally, every volunteer is required to take and pass the Safe Haven Child Protection Training every two years  .

As a resource for the coaches, a Goalkeeper Clinic may be available and recommended for all players who want to learn the techniques necessary to help them be a better Goalkeeper.

For more information and clinic dates, please visit

Referee Program

Being a referee can be rewarding, and is an essential part of the AYSO program.  Becoming a Referee is easy to do.  Every sanctioned soccer game MUST have a certified referee.  Our Referee Program includes theoretical and practical training for TEAM PARENT Referees (Divisions U6 & U8), ASSISTANT Referees and REGIONAL Referees. 

For more information about volunteering to be a referee, visit our website for schedules of upcoming training opportunities.

Team Referee Program

The growing participation of youth in ASYO has alerted us to one important fact, the need for parent involvement.  Here is an excellent and rewarding chance for parents of Division U6 or U8 players to learn the game and be active with your child while he/she is playing soccer.

Each U6 and U8 team needs to supply at least 2 parent referees. At least one trained parent referee from each team must be present for each game. Training is provided.

U10/U12 Assistant and Regional Referee Program

The U10/U12 divisions uses three referees for each game, a referee who works the middle of the field and two assistant referees. These are all volunteer positions. Each U10/U12 team is required to provide at least one assistant referee, for whom training will be provided, to be available each Saturday. Bonus points for U10/U12 tournament seeding will be awarded for assistant referee participation on the following basis:

For U10, points for tournament consideration are awarded for the last five games of the season with a maximum of 3 points per game, yielding 15 total points. Bonus points could push the total to 18 points.

For U12, points for tournament consideration are awarded for the all ten games of the season with a maximum of 3 points per game, yielding 30 total points. Bonus points could push the total to 33 points.

Note 1: Referees who work any match in U10 or U12 can assign their game credit to any U10 or U12 team.

Note 2: Qualified referees (e.g., Regional Referee, at minimum, for AR and Intermediate Referee for the Referee, or with approval by the U14 Referee Coordinator and RRA) who work any match in U14 can assign their game credit to any U10 or U12 team.

Note 3: All referees who wish to participate in the Team Referee Program must use the San Mateo AYSO Referee System ( to self-assign themselves to games. Referees who have signed up in the referee system are the referees of record for a given match. If another referee wishes to referee but did not sign up in time for the match, the referees of record are not required to relinquish their assignments. When the Division Coordinators enter the match reports in the referee system, they will input the referee’s names and their affiliated team number from the signed game cards.

VIP Program

This program is designed to meet the needs of physically and mentally challenged children.  Participants play a regular fall season and register at spring registration.  Each child has a buddy that participates weekly with them on the playing field for individualized instruction and encouragement.  For more information, contact the VIP League Coordinator by email (


Team and individual pictures will be taken on Sunday, September 13, 2015, at Joinville Park.  You will be notified by your team parent, or coach as to the reporting time.  The cost of the team picture is included in the registration fee.

In addition to the team and individual photographs, a photographer may be authorized to take action photographs of the players at the Soccer fields.  They are very unobtrusive, take excellent pictures, and offer them for sale at reasonable prices.  AYSO receives a small commission on sales; however, we are not running this as a fundraiser.  The service is offered solely for the benefit of AYSO Soccer families. 


The cost of the AYSO Regional 36 Yearbook is included in the registration fees.  The yearbook will be distributed by the coach or team parent.  Information for yearbook advertisements can be obtained from the team parent or on the web.

A contest is held to select the cover art for the yearbook.  Please encourage your players to put their artistic talents to work in creating a design. Handouts of the contest rules have been included in your coach’s packet.

Banner Contest

Each team may enter their own team banner in the annual banner contest.  Due to the high interest teams have shown in this event, we have included the banner contest rules as follows:

1.   Banner must be of original design – not commercially made.

2.   Banner size will be 3’ x 6’ minimum to 4’ x 8‘ maximum.

3.   Maximum height of banner must not to exceed 7 feet.

4.   Team sponsor’s name, Team name, Team Number, and “AYSO” must appear on banner.  Letters to be at least 3” high.

5.   Only those team banners which have a paid sponsor at the time of the judging will be eligible for the contest and prizes.

6.   A design relating to the team name must appear on the banner.

7.   A banner must appear in the team picture on picture day

A committee will judge banners.  Judges’ decisions will be final.

Banner Safety:  For the safety of the children, please do not put pictures with names or numbers on the banner or names with numbers on the banner so the children cannot be identified.

Other AYSO Programs

While San Mateo does sponsor post-season programs, Winter League, Spring League programs, etc., at a minimum, only players registered in the regular AYSO Fall program will be eligible to participate in these programs. Further requirements may be defined for each program. 

Soccer Camps

San Mateo AYSO has partnered with UK International/AYSO Camps to provide soccer camp options for all children for 2-3 weeks during the summer.  Additionally, several excellent private camps are available in the San Mateo area, but they are not endorsed by AYSO.

Soccer Accident Insurance

Soccer has a low injury rate and is generally considered a safe sport.  However, participants in any athletic activity may suffer injury.  You should be aware of the steps to take if your child sustains an injury.

1.   If a player is injured at practice or at a game, notify the coach and the referee (if present) immediately.

2.   If it looks as if the injured player should possibly see a doctor, seek medical attention immediately.

3.   It is imperative that accidents be reported to our Regional Safety Director immediately as all claims must be submitted to our insurance carrier within 90 days.

4.   All coaches and referees are required to report any injury to the Safety Director who will assist the parents/guardians in making the SAI claim.  Visit for more information.

5.   In order to make an SAI claim, you must first make a claim for payment to your family’s insurance carrier or to your employer’s group medical plan or with any school insurance program you are enrolled in. 

6.   AYSO Incorporated has a Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) plan that covers each registered player and volunteer for injuries incurred while participating in schedule games and practices.  SAI pays only for those eligible expenses not covered by your public, group, or individual insurance and does carry a $200 deductible.

If you do not have an SAI brochure, please ask your coach to get a copy for you or write:  AYSO-SAI, P.O. Box 5316, San Mateo, CA  94402.

The Basic Fouls in Soccer

That every player and fan should know.  AYSO soccer is played according to a set of laws published by Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) with some AYSO modifications for youth games as allowed by the laws.  Excellent information on the laws may be found on the website at on the referee page.

Major Fouls

The following offences result in a Direct Free Kick by a member of the opposing team.  If the offence occurs within the team’s own penalty area, the kick is taken as a Penalty Kick.  A goal may be scored from a Direct Free Kick.

1.   Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent.

2.   Trips or attempts to trip an opponent.

3.   Jumps at an opponent.

4.   Charges an opponent.  Note that a “Fair Charge,” taken shoulder to shoulder within playing distance of the ball, is allowed.

5.   Strikes or attempting to strike an opponent.

6.   Pushes an opponent.

7.   Tackles an opponent for possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball.

8.   Holds an opponent.

9.   Spits at an opponent.

10. Handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper in own penalty area).  Hand includes all of arm up to shoulder.  Instinctive, self-protection reactions are not penalized, not is and accidental or non-deliberate contact.  For example, the ball striking hand or arm is not an offence and is not penalized, even if a benefit is realized. 

Minor Fouls

An Indirect Free Kick is awarded to the opposing team a player commits any of the following offences.  A goal may not be scored from an Indirect Free Kick until it has been touched by a member of either team.

1.   Plays in a dangerous manner - such as high kicking near another player’s head or trying to kick a ball held by the goalkeeper.

2.   Prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands.

3.   Impedes the progress of an opponent - a player intentionally putting himself between the ball and an opponent (when not within playing distance of the ball) to stop the opponent from playing the ball.

4.   Goalkeeper restrictions

§  Takes more than six seconds to release the ball in play.

§  Having released the ball into play, touches it again with his hands before it has been touched by another player.

§  Touches the ball with his hands on any occasion when a teammate has deliberately kicked the ball to him.

§  Touches the ball with his hands when a teammate has thrown the ball directly to him.

Cautionable Offences

A player is cautioned and shown a yellow card if he commits any of the following offences.  The player may be cautioned at the next stoppage of play if the referee does not stop play.  Substitutes may also be cautioned, if appropriate, but are not shown the yellow card.

1.   Is guilty of unsporting behavior.

2.   Shows dissent by word or action, arguing with the referee.

3.   Persistently infringing the Laws of the Game – continually breaking the rules.

4.   Delays the restart of play.

5.   Fails to respect the required distance when play is restarted with a corner kick or free kick.

6.   Enters or re-enters the field of play without the referee’s permission.

7.   Deliberately leaves the field of play without the referee’s permission.

Sending-Off Offences

A player is sent off and shown the red card if he commits any of the following offences.  Substitutes may also be sent off, if appropriate, but are not shown the yellow card.  Once sent off, the player may not continue to play, return to the immediate area of play, or play in the next game.

1.   Is guilty of serious foul play.

2.   Is guilty of violent conduct.

3.   Spits at an opponent or any other person.

4.   Denies an opponent’s goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (this does not apply to a goalkeeper within his own penalty area).

5.   Denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offense punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick.

6.   Uses offensive, insulting or abusive language, including gestures.

7.   Receives a second caution (Yellow Card) in the same game

2015 Annual Budget

Region 36 budget for the season 07/01/2015 to 6/30/2016:


Estimated Revenues

1.          Registration Fees                                $ 185,790

2.          Refund of Registration Fees                    (3,000)

3.          Sponsors and Contributions                   28,000

4.          Fund-raising Activities                                      

5.          Interest Income                                           220

6.          Other                                                               

Total Estimated Revenues:                               $ 211,010


Estimated Expenditures:

7.          Payments to AYSO                                39,000     

8.          Uniforms, Players & Officials                  54,239

9.          Soccer Equipment & Storage                  12,820

10.        Field Expenses                                       27,920

11.        Awards and Trophies                               19,000

12.        Postage and Misc. Supplies                     1,400

13.        Travel/Telephone/Meetings                        7,300

14.        Printing (Newsletters, Yearbook, Photos) 23,500

15.        Clinics                                                   27,500


Total Estimated Expenditures                           $ 212,679


Difference                                                         ($ 1,669)

San Mateo Fields

Directions and maps to the San Mateo fields and other AYSO activity locations may be found on the web site on the team information page.

Bayside Middle School       Kehoe at Lodi

Fiesta Meadows                 Bermuda Drive at Fiesta Drive

Joinville Park (Lights)         Kehoe at Roberta

King Center (Lights)            Santa Inez at San Antonio

Bay Meadows Park            Saratoga at 28th Ave

Laurie Meadows                 Laurie Meadows

Los Prados Park-North       Bahia

Los Prados Park-South      La Selva south to Casa de Campo

2015 Regional Board

AYSO is a non-profit corporation run by an Executive Director and a National Office Staff under the direction of a Board of Directors.

San Mateo Region 36 is administered by a Regional Board appointed by the Regional Commissioner and is responsible for the Region’s operation.  The Regional Board Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month, January through November and are open to the public.

Job descriptions for volunteer positions within San Mateo Region 36 are found on the web at

Position                                        Name                          email

Regional Commissioner                             Brian Kersten    

Regional Coach Administrator                   Adam Berenstein

Regional Referee Administrator                 William Wong            

Treasurer                                                      Mark Berenstein          

Assistant Treasurer                                      Rand Potter   

Registrar                                                       Angela Teldeschi 

Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate     Jennifer Trizuto                

Secretary                                                       Louise Austin           

Equipment Manager/U5 Coordinator         Elizabeth Paulus          

Safety Director                                              Keith Jobe

Practice Field Coordinator                         Jasmine LeDuff          Trophy/Sponsor/Yearbook Coordinator        Elissa Hall           

Picture Day Coordinator                             Brian Kersten    

Auditor                                                                                                        Ernest Lacson

Wait List Coordinator                                      Angela Teldeschi 

Referee Coordinator (U10)                         William Wong            

Referee Coordinator (U12)                         Stefan Klindworth               

Referee Coordinator (U14)                         Brian Coffman

Referee Coordinator (U16/19)                    Open

Director of Referee Instruction/Assessment   Bruce Berry            

Webmaster                                                    Keith Jobe

Boys/Girls U19/U16 Coordinator               Denise/Larry Alexander 

Boys U14 Coordinator                                Karn Johal         

Boys U12 Coordinator                                Tom Solorzano

Boys U10 Administrator                              Mike Kamienski      

Boys U8 Administrator                                    James Pierce        

Girls U14 Administrator                               Karn Johal         

Girls U12 Administrator                               Vince Kurr                   

Girls U10 Administrator                               Keith Hui                       

Girls U8 Administrator                                 Lam Nguyen        

Girls U6 Administrator                                 Joe Rushka                    

Boys U6 Administrator                                Brian Kersten               

Winter League Coordinator                        Paul Chun          

Spring League Coordinator                        Jesse Guidino            

VIP Administrator                                         Jack Coyne   



There are always Board positions that need to be filled to help run the league.  If you are interested in joining the Regional Board in any capacity listed, please call any of the board members above and ask then about the open positions. 

PLEASE VOLUNTEER......We need your help!

Important Dates to Remember

Picture Day

Regular Season Games  

Please note:  Schedules may change between publication of the regional guidelines and the start of the season.  Contact your coach for your child's team schedule. 

Divisions Under 6 and Under 8

·         Ten games are played on Saturdays starting Sept. 12 and continuing through Nov. 14 unless cancelled due to rain.

Divisions Under 10 and Under 12

Divisions Under 14

Area/Section Tournament

San Mateo AYSO Region 36 is a local regional program within AYSO’s Section 2, Area N.  The Section or the Area schedules tournaments between the regions within our section and area.  These games will be played under Area/Section rules.  The coaches of qualifying teams will be provided with detailed information prior to the tournament dates.  Information will also be available from the website at


Winter and Spring Leagues


Winter and Spring Leagues are an opportunity for player(s) to be invited to participate on a travelling team.  Fall Season coaches will assign player ratings according to a strict regional guideline, assessing player skills, attitude, and sportsmanship.  These players will be the best San Mateo has to offer for the U10 through U14 age divisions and will compete with teams from the eight Peninsula cities; Half Moon Bay, Hillsborough, Burlingame, San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont - Redwood Shores, San Carlos, and Redwood City. Playing in Winter and/or Spring Leagues, provides select players and coaches the opportunity to continue to develop their individual skills and understanding of team tactics and strategy while having fun playing soccer at a higher level of competition than the Fall season.