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2014 Girls Under 6 - GU6 - Schedule

Home Team provides game ball, and may choose the touchline/side for
their team bench and spectators.  Games are played at Los Prados on Field "C"

Note:  Both teams are required to provide a Parent-Referee for each game.

Game #
8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00
Sept. 6
GU6-1 v GU6-2 GU6-9 v GU6-5 GU6-10 v GU6-4 GU6-11 v GU6-3 GU6-8 v GU6-6 GU6-12 v GU6-7
Sept 13
GU6-5 v GU6-10 GU6-4 v GU6-11 GU6-6 v GU6-9 GU6-3 v GU6-1 GU6-2 v GU6-12 GU6-7 v GU6-8
Sept 20
GU6-7 v GU6-9 GU6-8 v GU6-12 GU6-3 v GU6-2 GU6-4 v GU6-1 GU6-6 v GU6-10 GU6-5 v GU6-11
Sept 27
GU6-11 v GU6-6 GU6-12 v GU6-3 GU6-1 v GU6-5 GU6-9 v GU6-8 GU6-10 v GU6-7 GU6-2 v GU6-4
Oct. 4
GU6-1 v GU6-6 GU6-2 v GU6-5 GU6-11 v GU6-7 GU6-12 v GU6-9 GU6-3 v GU6-4 GU6-10 v GU6-8
Oct. 11
GU6-4 v GU6-12 GU6-7 v GU6-1 GU6-9 v GU6-10 GU6-6 v GU6-2 GU6-8 v GU6-11 GU6-5 v GU6-3
Oct. 18
GU6-9 v GU6-11 GU6-7 v GU6-2 GU6-8 v GU6-1 GU6-10 v GU6-12 GU6-5 v GU6-4 GU6-6 v GU6-3
Oct. 25
GU6-12 v GU6-5 GU6-4 v GU6-6 GU6-2 v GU6-8 GU6-11 v GU6-10 GU6-3 v GU6-7 GU6-1 v GU6-9
GU6-3 v GU6-8 GU6-1 v GU6-10 GU6-4 v GU6-7 GU6-5 v GU6-6 GU6-2 v GU6-9 GU6-12 v GU6-11
Nov. 8
GU6-8 v GU6-4 GU6-9 v GU6-3 GU6-6 v GU6-12 GU6-7 v GU6-5 GU6-11 v GU6-1 GU6-10 v GU6-2


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