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San Mateo AYSO is proud to be able to offer age-appropriate programs for children 4 through 19 years old on July 31.  The soccer season typically consists of 10 games starting early September and ending mid-November(*).  Additional end of season tournaments are offered, weather permitting, for players in the Under 10 division and older.

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization.  Parent participation is a critical element of the program with age-targeted training for Coaches and Referees available prior to the start of the season.  No experience is necessary - just a desire to be a part of your child's world or a desire to serve the community.

Children in our youngest division are in an a Jamboree progam (more info here) and players in the next two youngest divisions learn soccer playing a "short-sided" game of soccer on a small field with small goals, no goalkeepers and no league standings.  At every division, the team size and field size increases.  Goalkeepers are introduced in Under 10 and league standings are recorded.

Players with Mental or Physical challenges can play soccer too.  San Mateo hosts the area's VIP soccer program for children whose physical or emotional challenges make it difficult to participate on a traditional team.  View the VIP brochure or view a 4 minute video presentation.

  • New to AYSO?  Here is a 7 minute parent orientation video to AYSO Soccer.

  • Player Registration usually starts in April or May.  Check back for details.  Registration is done in person.  Players are placed on teams on a first-come first-served basis.  The number of players placed on teams may be limited based on the number of trained and registered volunteers - please consider volunteering through our early volunteer registration program.

  • The league is organized into two-year divisions based on the player's age on July 31.  Player age, previous years ratings and buddy requests are used to create a new set of balanced teams each year.  Visit our Team Information page for a description of the divisions within the league.

  • Volunteer Registration, for coaches, referees and other volunteers, usually starts in spring.  Early registration is offered for volunteers to aid in the scheduling of training programs and development of the upcoming season.  Benefits of Early Volunteer Registration include:  registration by mail for volunteers and players, guaranteed placement of players on a team and a small discount on registration expenses.

  • Change of plans?  If your child will not be participating, please let us know as soon as possible.  If you would like to withdraw your player, please visit the Registration Refund page for additional information.  Withdrawal requests made before 8/1 are fully eligible for a refund. Requests made after 8/15 are not eligible for a refund.

  • AYSO is the lowest cost youth sports program in San Mateo.  We depend on help of local sponsors to cover the full cost of the program.  The Team Sponsorship page contains additional information. 

  • eAYSO is AYSO's volunteer and player database and training portal.  Enter zip code 94401 and select Region 36 when creating your account.

  • Soccer is at its core a "gentleman's game" and positive sportsmanship is expected of all players, coaches, and spectators.  Visit the Sportsmanship Program page for additional information.

  • Safe Haven is AYSO's Child & Volunteer Protection Program - the first of its kind in youth sports and required of all volunteers in AYSO.  FAQ info or Online Training.  (Registration in eAYSO is required to take training)

Kids Zone Feedback is a tool to provide feedback or express concern regarding your child's soccer experience in Region 36.  Praises and suggestions are always appreciated.  Issues with sportsmanship or safety are taken very seriously.  The region's board needs your help in identifying issues promptly.

(*) Players in the Under 16 and Under 19 division play in the Area 2N which covers most of the regions within San Mateo County.  Games are played in various cities and the playing season starts earlier than that for the Region 36 players who are under 14 years of age.

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