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Winter Select League 2012-13:

Every player effected by Little League try-outs on Opening Day (1/7/12), will need to individually negotiate an earlier, or later try-out time, or plan to miss a portion of the first game.  This is a challenge that cannot be avoided, our schedules involve too many teams on the Peninsula for changes to be considered.  Thank you for understanding.Opening Day

Please do your best to arrange for your AYSO scheduled WL game.  We appreciate your flexibility on our Opening Day, 1/8/2013.

Dear San Mateo AYSO Families-

The teams have been formed as of this weekend and rosters are likely final (unless there is a drop due to injury). Thank you for being so patient.

We hope the AYSO Area level will provide more opportunity next year so San Mateo can have more talented and dedicated players participate in Winter League next year.

As AYSO is an all volunteer organization so please continue to do your part next year so that more kids can play in a safe and fun environment: be a coach, volunteer for the board, be a referee or team parent.

Thanks to all and see you on the pitch.

-David Edel
Winter League Coordinator


Winter Select is a competition among AYSO Area 2N Regions. Participating Regions typically include Hillsborough, San Mateo, Burlingame, Foster City, Belmont, Redwood City, San Carlos and Half Moon Bay. Winter League is an opportunity for your player(s) to be invited, as a result of their recent Fall season rating(s), to participate on a travelling team.  Coaches are nominated by their Division Coordinators, and players are invited according to their prior Fall season rating (based on skills, attitude, teamwork and sportsmanship).  Teams are balanced within our Region, approved by our Board, and then confirmed by the Area Director.  

This is an honor for the coaches and a privilege for the players, as they will learn, play, and develop further with their equally talented peers, in a highly competitive environment.  San Mateo will commit two teams in U10 Boys, U10 Girls, and one team each in the U12 Boys, U12 Girls, U14 Boys and U14 Girls divisions. There is no winter league for U6, U8 or U16/19.

The registration fee will be similar to the Fall season, no scholarships are available.  The season kicks-off with team training beginning mid December, and continuing through Winter.  Games are played Saturdays, on turf fields from 1/8/13 thru 3/02/12 throughout the Peninsula.  We have reserved the Burlingame High School turf (back field), for Sunday training sessions only; the field is located on the Oak Grove side of the campus, just opposite from Winchester.   All teams are strongly advised to direct their long and high kicking drills, or scrimmages from North to South to avoid losing soccer balls in neighboring backyards.  Coaches are required to have their field permits on-hand, and cooperate by sharing the field with fellow coaches and teams.  

Unlike our fall program in which anyone can register to play, player participation in the winter program is by invitation only. To be eligible to play in the winter program, a player must:

  • Be registered as a player in San Mateo for the preceding fall season.
  • Have played in at least half their fall team’s games.
  • Commit to attend practices and games.

Player selection is at the coaches’ discretion with the objective of building competitive teams. Contact will be made by the individual coaches in divisions with only one team. In U-10, eligible players will be notified by email of their eligibility, and then required to respond that they wish to play. Coaches will then confirm with the player’s family that they have been selected.

In November an invitation for coaches to volunteer for the winter league was sent to all registered fall coaches in the participating divisions. Coaches are selected by the beginning of November and should begin to contact players in late November. Specific season details are made available through the coaches at that time.

Thank you for your interest in the Winter Select program,

Questions?  Please contact our Winter League Coordinator at


Please check back for udated information for the 2012/2013 season

Hi coaches,
You've been recommended by our Regional Board, as a coach who represents the best in your division.  We're writing to invite you to participate in WL-2011 as a coach.  Please respond, to confirm your interest today...first come, first served! We will designate a Head Coach, and Assistant Coach; together you'll join other coach pairs in building balanced teams with us.   We will provide you with a group of names to contact at your discretion (highest rated players in the Region), to fill unexpected vacancies on your roster.  U10's will have 9 on the roster and play 7v7 (minimum 5 for a match), and u12's and u14's will have 14 on the roster and play 11v11 (minimum 7 for a match).  Please contact your players to confirm their interest, and prepare for the season from 1/8/11 thru 2/26/11, with a mandatory coach meeting on 1/3/11 (location to be announced).
The player registration fee is $90.00, and needs to be collected very soon, by the coach (payable to San Mateo AYSO, Region 36); and sent to:
AYSO Region 36
P.O. Box 5316
San Mateo, CA 94402

The player registration fee will cover the insurance, uniforms and field rental fees for training and games.  Uniforms will be ordered after team counts are confirmed. Once player fees are processed, the team uniforms will be assigned; no scholarships are available for WL play.  All games will be played in neighboring Peninsula cities.  Please check this site for regular updates.
Thank you all for your dedication

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